Private Equity Investment Criteria

A More Selective and Successful Approach

Trust and commitment are everything to us. In order to focus our energies and create success, we are more selective and make fewer investments than many other firms. Our results reflect this focus in our private equity investment criteria.

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Our Private Equity Investment Criteria

Sectors & Regions

We focus on Technology, Industrial, Business Services, Healthcare Services, Consumer, and Food Companies in the United States and Canada.

Types of Transactions

We prefer transactions consisting of Management Buy-Outs, Recapitalizations, Divestitures, Privatizations, Consolidations, and Growth Capital Investments.

Company Size

Our target companies have meaningful growth potential, sustainable differentiation or value proposition, EBITDA of $5-$40 million or $10 million+ in ARR for SaaS-businesses.

Holding Periods

We are long-term partners and are most focused on achieving the maximum potential of a business.

Preferred Characteristics

We focus on achieving returns through innovation and revenue growth and not through cost cutting and financial engineering.


We focus on majority and shared control investments, preferably where the founders or managers are maintaining significant personal investments post-transaction.

Investment Portfolio

Explore how we have applied our private equity investment criteria to our portfolio companies.

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