About Gauge Capital

Who We Are

Gauge Capital partners with owners, managers and equity stakeholders of successful middle-market companies to maximize their potential. As the largest investor in our own funds, our interests are aligned with those of our partners. Our primary aim is long-term, sustainable value creation through transformational change as well as organic and strategically acquired growth.

We are very excited about the partnership with Gauge Capital
and the shared vision we have for the next stage of growth.

Jeff Dunn

Chief Clinical Officer - Veridicus Health

Your Partner In Potential

We have a history of superior performance in our returns and the performance of the companies with which we partner.
We collaborate with management and our deep network of influencers and advisors and primarily focus on four things.

Optimizing Strategy & Value Creation

Ensuring the Right Talent at All Levels

Alignment Among All Stakeholders

Providing Capital to Achieve Company Vision

Gauge Capital’s investment in Wireless Vision provides the Company with a value‐added partner to help us strengthen our operations, expand our footprint and better serve our customers.

Saber Ammori

Chief Executive Officer - Wireless Vision

We are deeply committed to our values of establishing an effective, collaborative and loyal partnership, built on a foundation of integrity and aligned on the vision of success and the path to get there.

Our Timeless Philosophy

We are principle-based and invest in high potential management teams and businesses that desire a partner to create an extraordinary outcome. As with any investor, our due diligence process thoroughly reviews the sector trends, competitive landscape and company to assess risk and opportunity. While there are countless considerations in making an investment, we focus on four questions before committing to any opportunity.

  • Do we understand the business
    and can we add value?
  • Does the business have
    a sustainable position?
  • Is the price fair?
  • Is the management team
    able and honest?

Trust and Commitment
are everything to us.

In order to focus our energies and create success, we are more selective and make fewer investments than many other firms. Our results reflect this focus.

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